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Monday, March 13, 2017

Swiss Air 111

I was booking a flight on this carrier SwissAir 111 to finish my WIPO filings in Geneva, where at the time my sister was living with her husband and family. As it turns out my parents flew to Maryland to STOP me from catching the flight out of NY. Ironically all that trauma was the "NAIL in the Coffin" for me independently and correctly concluding that 911 terrorism was to take place with aircraft; I also attempted to warn then Pres. Clinton in 1998 in DC proper at a 1996 follow-up finance minesterial roundtable discussion with then US Treasury Sec. Reubin, however in their impetuous assanine haste the Secret Service absconded me as a "loon".
NOTE: I also warned them with certified USPS letters in 1998 as well. I might have received a US Medal of Honor in 2004 for that extraordinairy act of herorism: the highest civilian honor, but the LA community where I am typing this hates me with such a passion I was actually arrested by Federal agents as they still are unable to come to grips with this information.

As of this writing some unidentified persons in this greater community are still under the suspicion that I am "sex offender"" why? in part because these same agents started bombarding my accounts with pornography, set up private investigators (spy vans and the like) with an intentional will that would boggle the mind . . . when the dots do connect however on the truthfulness of what I am saying a > $1.2 Trillion Economy will be revealed. [note: $3 million defamation suit filed against Harry Lee et. al.]

I was also member of the World Trade Center (WTC) association and was present on the "Windows to the World" in NYC before their collapse. I had forensic proof of data and I think most of you should understand we do need "James Bond" characters because was I able to ENFORCE my intelligence with a gun, the ENTIRE war would NEVER had happened.

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Sunday, March 05, 2017

Orbital Semi Detached Attached Peel Session 1994

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Central American Soccer Wars & Immigration ..

NOTE: Originally Posted on the Yahoo Soccer Group List

It is quite clear to me that the NFL lobbyists has its hands in pushing "Illegal Immigrants" out of the USA. Far Fetched you say?

Consider that one of the main reasons that MLS in the USA is not considered a viable industry is competition by this league for viewers and sponsorship. Lobbyists sell the argument to Capitol Hill in light of the "Honduran Soccer War", that is, that soccer fans are unruly, not only in Central America but also in the UK and EU. Where are the economic facts, anyone? The FIFA World Cup 2014 should speak for itself.

Whoever may be reading this, let me tell you something: I would venture to say that most of you do NOT know the Greater New Orleans region like I do. In fact, I have evidence to support that even "official census bureau" data has been misrepresented in this area, to continue to benefit "the staying power" of mega-monopolies in the region (e.g. auto dealers and the like.)

There exists a plethora of corporate real-estate and "migrant workers of all races" that live in this community. Consider that the average American can afford to travel quite comfortably in the continental USA nowadays and, in fact, it is quite expected for the middle manager.

By forcing the hand of the "Louisiana Soccerdome"(R), this agenda should FORCE local economic agendas to take into account the international markets in this region and other's often defamatory attitudes that hey! "you're just an hispanic" ur an "immigrant" read: "you are not represented and do not count."

Also consider very carefully the same reason that USA Men's have never won a World Cup is the same reason the USA cannot beat "Al Queda" terrorism. Each veteran has a reason why they served this country and the history books if full of "half truths", considering for example the Nazi Flag: It was paraded around New Orleans on Basin street (according to Mayor Andrew Young, and U.N. ambassador who was a child in the city at that time in a PBS broadcast.) In fact the now deceased Col. Buechner reported that there was a US Battalion that carried the swastika as their own logo, before it was determined "who the real enemy was in Europe". So the point is "racism" is often times not knowing your history very well. And popular opinion although it might be true for the moment, seldom if ever reveals the true driving force of culture around the globe, bouncing around like a soccer ball!

If this whole scenario does not make you sick to the stomach you evidently have never really looked at the politics of money very closely. To boot, congress passes laws to support it's lawyers who then turn around and ask for "bribes" for common sense principals of economics. This is NOT people representation. The people are NOT getting what they want by talking to lawyers and attorney's WAKE UP WOW!

Even though I am a great fan of them, I honestly do not believe the NFL Saints have the necessary staying power, and will be pulled out to Los Angeles or San Antonio who desperately want an NFL franchise. And if that happens, where is the "kickback" to jump start the New Orleans economy?



[LA certified promoter thru 2010]
(C) 2006

P.S. I played goalie for the Celebration Church interfaith soccer league (1998). Philip Chabata of the N.O. Baptist Theological Center & I were co-captains. I sprained my ankle so badly, I decided never to play on that level again, especially since I was walking around with a grapefruit type swelling on my ankle in Manhattan during that time.

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Friday, December 07, 2007

Brown Finger Points to an Arrest Probe that will shock the USA.

Jefferson Parish, LA
Cellblock 1

STOP! Biting the hand that wants to feed you good economy!

Dear Jefferson Parish Councilpersons & Sheriff Normand [sic Lee]:

I need your help and in return I can provide what I believe is a great benefit to this community.
I have been a long time resident in Jefferson Parish a graduate of Grace King High School '83 and Tulane University. The manner in which my parents raised me was such to be obedient to their wishes and also my desires to do good based on my own life experiences. Hence, I frequently was asked to serve them and their needs. During those years, not only privately, but also under the contract of Xerox, Corp. and many other short and long-term contracts, I continued to come to market by promoting my projects (as also registered with the LADED. cert# 1268 thru the year 2010, see also below.) I own several copyrights, patents pending, trademarks, etc. related to some quite profound business operations here in the USA.

Some of my neighbors near St. Angela Parish know me well enough. The Pxxxx, the Chxxx, the Kxxx, the Cxxx the Mxxxx the newest neighbor on the block, the Cxxxx and even the recently deceased Ms. Sxxxxx. They know the service and friendship I have offered and provided to this community (part of the Neighborhood Crime Watch, collecting for the Leukemia Society, helping them clean up after the Katrina Catastrophe, etc.)

And yet, you continue to listen to false reports about my work, and believe them even to the point where you allowed your officers to falsely arrest and detain me (by point of stun gun) in the summer of 2004 and again even more violently October 5th, 2007 with the use of snipers Homeland Security and S.W.A.T, with absolute ZERO probable reason or cause, zero signed paper work that justified the violent attitude that caused me to have a VERY painful crushed lower vertebrae disk, from which I am still recovering from this day. On the second attempt I was shot with 500+ volts with a stun gun all because why?!
THIS HAS GOT TO STOP!! I demand process of discovery and justice so that I can continue to do good works for the benefit of myself, those who believe in my offices work and for the common greater benefit and good of as many people as humanly possible. I would have filed an attempted murder charge on your operations, theft of $11.5 million property including digital signatures which have been LITERALLY distributed into the community in a manner that defies description but exists in REAL TIME THEFT. There are knowable entities in this parish and state extorting me, blackmailing my office and worse. This kind of behavior will continue to be reported around the globe and continues to have HUGE IMPLICATIONS and yet it's happening right in your own BACKYARD.
I am not a criminal slave of your problems, and you WILL BE held FULLY accountable in every court of law on a UNIVERSAL SHAWSHANK redemption that will reveal your INTENTIONAL involvement in these matters. Some of "You" need to recover from your 7 steps of Mardi Gras AA and come to grips with what acts you have performed against my person. This office owns a forensic prosecution list which most of you would consider "coincidence, or accidental" are knowable behaviors that have not been error corrected, stopped etc.

Does anyone want their name behind negative news to be published in the US & Global media? Or would someone rather apologize and instead support my efforts to make Jefferson Parish and the Greater New Orleans area a great place to raise families and pursue good works?! I have NEVER filed bankruptcy, I have zero criminal record, and do not intend to have any in the future. If for some reason "some party" imputes such activity around my operations, you can rest assured that it is a continued intentional fraudulent activity for the sole purpose of defaming at worst, or at best merely a miscommunication of intention.

Recently, I received a telephone call on my cell phone from one of your officers? who was wasting his time, insinuating that I have a "warrant for my arrest." For what? You would rather believe "disabled teenagers" and "troubled youth" and their parents who chastise me. Shouldn't there be a pattern of respect and obedience to elders in their community especially if the record is clean. Isn't it that the Catholic Church is the real problem here and not me?! God's Biblical desire is for all of us to be accountable to our leaders, pastors & parents. I speak with "youth" because I have developed learning and teaching technologies that should be incorporated into the classrooms all over Louisiana! If what I say is true, then the blessing belongs to everyone already! But how can I continue to work, if I am continually disabled by intentional malicious behaviors against me?!

Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office not only has NO case against me, instead, unless you in some form or another answer to my lawsuit that has been filed against your company of officers, (24th Judicial & Eastern District Court), and other officials in Jefferson Parish, I highly recommend that you somehow come to grips with the fact that not only have you wronged me, some elements of your community insists on "publicly defaming me", causing me to sue for "loss of time value", and to recover from the ER visits related to my "pain and suffering". This suit is currently listed at $3 million. I have other attorneys in the USA willing to even raise that dollar amount. I also have current filings and communications with the USDOJ, the IRS, FBI, FTC and the US Attorney's office, ALL of who understand my obedience and willingness to continue to serve. Please understand these are MY accounts receivable. Also I have collection attorney's prepared to collect on my behalf, as they have been doing from time to time on me.
I find it necessary to add to this letter, that given that I am still a single male, I have the desire to find a wife and a home, perhaps in this community, perhaps not. I also fully intend to continue to communicate with youth (and all persons) all over the entire USA. Either way, I politely ask ALL of you to support me in my constitutional right to seek my happiness, and continue to serve to the best of my god given ability. I work very very hard, just like you and your officers; my wallet is no thicker than yours, just you remember that!!

Sincerely Concerned,

Stefan A. Schoellmann
CEO, SSiS Technologies
also d.b.a. "Brinson Gottshalk Productions"
(C) 1999

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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Consequences of not delivering the US Medal of Honor. . .


I think it important to include in this blog the consequences of the continued failure of the USDODIG (USDOD Investigative Group) filibustering on my particular filings. Trust me it has dire consequences for the entire USA, and ignorance on their behalf is no longer an option. As the USA will become the laughing stock of the entire globe, if they keep this up and the ENTIRE future will bypass the USA permanently.

What is going on here in a nutshell, is the fact that the USDOD-CIA refusal to acknowledge my work on this simple matter, is very likely going to escalate the "terrorism wars" and their justifications to behave in this manner around the globe, which maybe that is exactly what some of you guys want? However, it's not as simple as that Secy' Gates. Your jingoistic troops are also civil servants and military engineers etc. all combined as one unit. Sure I think most of us understand that. But what you fail to understand is the implications of "exporting me out of the country" if that's what you really want, so too will you export the entire US Economy and the sucking noise on that event alone will be heard by the deaf monks in Tibet.

In fact your failure to pursue this matter is the same reason that the "Bank Zion" president would NEVER receive a welcome audience in the United Nations because honestly the "real world" really doesn't care too much about what he's about. So what you're really trying to do is "bait me" for all the wrong reasons instead of promoting me for successful reasons. Obviously you do not know much about German Military attitudes, maybe you should consult former Sec'y Rumsfield on the matter.

So Secretary Gates, if you fail to get your staff to do the proper thing by putting legal ownership in me personally by completing a very simple request or acting like it's not relevant, consider very carefully that is going to be the bane of your short US History, eternally. And the joke will be around all the military circles on YOU! as the Am-Vets many of them know me, I actually lived with a Vietnam Veteran, a medic, that poor man still had night mares.

STOP ignoring the obvious. It's really simple stuff buddy. You have practically an infinite amount of income stream for your various internal and outsourced departments and they can't handle a single piece of paper? Isn't that EXACTLY WHY attacks on US soil were successful in the first place? Aren't you making the same mistake over and over and over?
Maybe you have too much British protocol in your blood instead of having the guts to react on your instincts like a good American soldier.

My last contact on the matter is John Dinh, in the USDODIG Slidell, LA offices [cf. 985-641-0691]. He has a short list attachment of my filings. Get one of your undersecretaries a ring over yonder . . . you know send 'em down to the Gulfport Casino's for a week to get this handled. Help out the Katrina Economy, I think you can afford it, you think?


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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Y2K Silver Bullet

There is such a thing as a "Y2K Silver Bullet", regardless of what Time magazine and and the White House are in denial of. Do you really think I am afraid to push the button of change? You don't think I know that force is necessary?

I am NOT a conspiracy freak, far from it, but understand that the wrong people have died, and continue to be killed and shame on the REAL GOD for not giving us the power to make a distinction between one and the other.
And for the record, under the US Sarbanes-Oxley act [post ENRON] I have multiple backups of my data and numerous attachments of the said data as this profile suggests installed around the globe.

The horrible truth is that even so I am alive today, I've been "lucky" -i guess like many of you-for making it this far. UNDERSTAND THIS!

I am not interested in being "God" that's why I have the "LLC" title on this profile, but the attorney's of the US House & Senate and other private attorney groups, continue to fail to represent true economy and I honestly believe history, when people look back at what did and did not happen and may yet happen is directly linked to a karma chain as profound as to why the NYC 911 happened in the first place. The "USA, Inc." is guilty on oil. And if you are not guilty, then launch the Harbinger(R) Nascar team!

The US Bankers fallacy is that you pay Paul and then rob Peter and give some to the Queen of England for "good measure of stock". Other currencies and belief systems, including the EURO and Islamic wealth does not have such a system in place. So what I am saying, either "it is" or it "isn't" IT= the content of this profile.

My neighbors know me, where I am typing this. There is no perfect home or family, so the people I chat with or meet with in person, etc. I am DEMANDING that you RELEASE them from their bondage so that they can start civilly interacting with me. My neighbors like me - most of them elderly nowadays. But they know I am staying focused on my work. They know EXACTLY who I am, so don't you DARE send a "mob squad" ANYWHERE I am.

And while "you, inc." try to figure this out, don't expect me to be sitting here waiting. I have been ON THE MARK and ON THE TIME throughout the entire USA, in remote and obscure locations, so don't sit here and tell me I don't know the complexity of symbolic social communication and the access thereof and how to defend it.

"Mental Slavery" is a prosecutable crime by the USDOJ (with precedence) and simply because I claim my rights and you don't, reveals the fact that I am the WILLING PARTY to work, but cannot do so, because I am constantly surrounded by persons who don't understand SUBJECT MATTER A or B and the other "wealthy individuals" in the USA have this "assumptive attitude" (e.g. Bank Zion, the Catholic Church, etc.) that "we already own that". FALSE! You own your income, I own mine. What makes any of "you, inc." think I cannot print my own money, all the while giving me this "look" as if you're doing me a favor for being alive in the USA.

If this attitude keeps up in the US Social Psyche I don't think you realize the implications of that. "You, Inc." children are spending "you, inc." money, and how many of them are the true heretics versus myself? Money and Style bought you this reality? While the low stock low class soldiers get slaughtered in Iraq?! Guess what! "God, LLC" did not give this content to you! Economic Justice belongs to those people dead and alive, that you "ignored" in your Numerology on your Bible. FACE THE TRUTH OF YOUR MAKER!

Stefan A. Schoellmann
founder: "God, LLC"
d.b.a. "Brinson Gottshalk Productions"
(C) 2006

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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Ignatius Reily & the Death of the Information Age . ..

In the summer of 1996 Mayor Marc Morial, instead of connecting the dots for the future of the city and its history that many good people have inherited over the centuries and while I was at the UNO Technology Enterprise Center, his navy intelligence failed him.

Instead of confronting the "white pitch man" he dedicated a statue on Canal St. to Ignatius Reily (the anti-hero of the Pulitzer Prize Winning book of Kennedy O'Toole.) That ONE EVENT is the entire symbolic ideal of their collective failure(s) the path that (his) entire city embraced by not recognizing there existed an entirely different universe of opportunity for this greater community. 911 was marked all over Katrina damaged homes. The answer was there long long ago even before I came onto the scene, but in this case the messenger was a "local" white male, ergo racism succeeds for the destruction of hundreds of thousands of lives, instead of confronting the "Big Picture" and connecting the dots. It's practically a child's common sense why do you assume it sits on a software program that "someone" had to invent?

In 1998 I headed to Washington, DC on a follow-up meeting on the Western Hemispherical Finance Ministerial meetings that took place in 1996 in New Orleans, LA. I was diverted by the Secret Service at the time with a meeting with then US Sec'y Treasurer Reubin, whereby they NEVER took my communication attempt seriously even then. After all, I was just a "white boy".

Let's consider that the ENTIRE MEDIA every single channel available is unable or unwilling to confront my involvement to PREVENT NY-911 terrorism, in part as published already here in this blogspot. It took me a solid year and a half to recover from the pain & shock from the violent arrest in 2004. Instead of addressing the issue civilly the US Government continues to ignore the situation and has now even continually violated its own Constitutional Laws on securing "habeus corpus" law as irrelevant "in a time of war" not only for its soldiers but ordinary citizens as well. Guess what?! There NEVER should have been one in the first place, this blog and numerous related projects is forensic proof thereof. They were available in 1998, but collective social autism and social suppression killed the proof.

The continued denial of the ENTIRE US MEDIA on this ONE matter is proof that media discussions are based on a "rotten apple" at the core of the social psyche of this country. What is needed is a social exorcism, to exhume the "Social Contract" from the supporters of these false paradigms. Give students the right to debate vigorously! That is how this country was intended to be! Not the corporations running the show on "behalf" of the "many jobs" that politicians assume they have in their back pockets. For Christ sake if you've even traveled a little bit in this country many of the corporate buildings are EMPTY! There are NO jobs! It's a lie! Illusions yes, but not jobs!

The truth is that all the popular reasoning not only here in the USA but worldwide already exists in my favor, only now we have to leverage the RICO attitudes on behalf of millions of people worldwide that are too ashamed or dis-empowered to confront the system that who if they continue to ignore these communications are in for an unhappy future. Not pursuing God's call in your life, no matter how challenging it may seem, is not unlike dedicating a statue of Ignatius Reily . . . what on EARTH was Mayor Morial thinking?!
The worst part of this death, is that this US cultural attitude and trend is continuing unabated and unchecked. No matter what the topic, the first response will always be "you're just a white boi" you don't own a castle in Windsor England. So how do we get evolution and progress if it's always the same broken record? Who are the REAL racists here?
I have a godly friend by the name of "DAJ." My other friend BGL, with former operations out in L.A. (who incidentally not only lost two members of his family found dead drowned in their homes during Katrina but nearly lost his entire business because of it) re-introduced me a few years back -in 2002- and before then connected me with her in her home in the 9th ward on Alvar St. With interest of preserving our friendship on a common ground. I volunteered along with all the rest of Common Grounds and gracious out of town volunteers (one who's touring bus tragically overturned on the Pontchartrain Expressway resulting in their deaths!! ugh!)
So the next time someone asks you, "who are you?", are you going to just sit there and stare back? Am I supposed to do a song and dance for you? Who gave "you" the right to pre-qualify me? Some of you need to learn how to give the people what they DON'T want! And stop with your sycophancy, you'll be respected.

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Monday, August 07, 2006

"You, Inc." & "God, LLC"

Assuming you have access to such information, you pick what channel you want to believe in and you can wash your brain with as many images that your spongy brain can handle. I am sending this message as a WARNING! to save your sanity, because don't any ONE OF YOU DARE blame the author of this blog as the source of your misery and confusion. It's quite the other way around. I also want to apologize to some people that really don't need to be reading this. The people who really need to hear this locally are being federally blocked. DON'T THINK IT'S NOT HAPPENING!! Every right to preach has been banned in a country that prides itself on "freedom or religion".

Even the late Sir John Templeton has founded a prize for such a venue, the owner of this blog has the answer, but instead of casting his philanthropy on the knighting of this "pearl of great price" on institutional gurus reading out of books, instead interpreting the reality staring in our faces. Not only do I claim the prize, I fully intend on cashing in on it in the Bahamas, if necessary. I hope you're foundation is still alive by the time his corporate offices in New Mexico relayed the information to him.

Consider how sickeningly insane it has become in this world whereby regardless of how intelligent you may or not be, no matter what your gifts are, the government believes it has the right to decide how to capitalize on your destiny. Hello?! The Government & its Corporations is an elected body of officials that are here to serve. They don't own you!! And if they are too ignorant to serve, then they better start accepting the truth, and stop projecting their lies. This blog is about ONE THING ONLY, and it's about finding and keeping love that changes the world. Why is this necessary? Because of the liars in the US Economy the liars of History and their relations with each other in faraway offshore banking centers in the Cayman's, Bahamas, Isle of Man and off into the far east and etc. where all the "other deals are made." These are people living beyond their means, from which you, inc. and others have to suffer from their mania (even if you cannot see it.)

I am pursuing this work because someone needs to, other than "GNO, Inc." & "LA, Inc."
Regardless of all my efforts to do the same. I am telling each and every one of "You, Inc.", you are NOT slaves to their design, and you have the power to accept and design your future as much as anyone else. If love cannot meet and speak, all those petty "princess relationship fantasies" will come crashing down all around you and all the curses you've ever heard spoken will all come true it will become a miserable life. Don't tell you I didn't warn you! "You, Inc." and under "God, LLC" are as powerful as the richest banker on earth, only you have to claim it with your own will, your own two feet. It's sitting here like the statue of Buddah with an offering bowl, truly it is that simple.

"God, LLC" believes in the power of families and the necessary exchange of values & ideals thereof. If you do not have record of your identity in this or any family, it is part of your responsibility to seek the truth on your own. Trust me I understand, more than you can know. I am as much an orphan if not more than most of you post World War I, II, 911, Katrina. . . don't think these things don't compound over time, they do. Not only is that information "hidden" but the roots of family trees get cut because of the blacklist power of Bank Zion. Don't think I am not afraid to topple this bank not unlike Jesus had done himself as he chastised the money counters in Jerusalem. If you're buying into the mania of the media, you deserve what you get. You deserve a mental holocaust. Simply because the owner of this blog is being manipulated by arbitrary faith and family value systems is no grounds for the US Government to abuse its powers on ordinary citizens! Piercing the corporate veil is not unlike a bullet that wants to assassinate but no "you, inc." nor "you, llc" will ever protect you from that!

Thirty (30)% of the US Economy is made up of small business not listed on an exchange or represented ANYWHERE! That's about 80 million economically active people. Think about it! How can the entire USA be concerned about one blog or one person? Not only is that insane, that proves how desperate they are and how valuable we can all become.

You Inc., better get to work.

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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

On the Mark

For those of you questioning the integrity of the author of this blog consider that my accountability record for being on the mark is absolutely outstanding.

While under contract for Xerox, N.A. I travelled to more than 50 cities by car and airplane. I NEVER missed a single appointment or call. Not only did I arrive on time but also on the mark, which included travel to the following regions and locales:

+ New Orleans, LA + Kenner, LA + Baton Rouge, LA
+ Shreveport, LA + Mobile, AL + Birmingham, AL
+ Huntsville, AL + Montgomery, AL + Jackson, MS
+ Hattiesburg, MS + Kansas City, KS + Washington, DC
+ Harrisburg, PA + Syracuse, NY + Long Island, NY
+ Manhattan, NY + White Plains, NY + Princeton, NJ
+ Minneapolis, MN + Detroit, MI + Atlanta, GA
+ Charlotte, NC + Orlando, FL + Jacksonville, FL
+ Denver, CO + Albuquerque, NM + Phoenix, AZ
+ Anchorage, AK + Dallas, TX + San Diego, CA
+ Los Angeles, CA + Fountain Valley, CA

At the end of that run, I was the last person still operating with alacrity and power of a 150 person team. The payment vendor became so jealous, they stole $1,800 from my checking account, prior to landing back on my feet at my corporate office at 1605 Airline Hwy., Metairie, LA. I was never able to recover the money, even so I performed flawlessly; Hibernia Bank did nor anyone even once recognized the value of that tour, and how I had been wronged.
Now if I went into a bank and told the teller to hand me over $2,000 not only would they call the police but I would get arrested. And yet, that is EXACTLY what happened and is still going on.
Why is it like that? Because "Attorney Trust" is a collusive fraud on the US Payment System. Some attorney's were born assuming "they own it all" and in fact some of them will even go out of their way to destroy something just so that they can collect on it.

In fact, I have been on the mark in my various communications with accuracy nearing the 100 percentile rank. All my communications are logged, keyed and updated in a to-market database. That includes recruiting subsidiaries of Joseph C. Cannizarro Interests in the New Orleans markets to develop Value Add Banking projects, participating as an active member of the World Trade Center Associations and consulting the corporate team of McCormick Janhke et. al. of Lykes Steam shipping and more.

You cannot beat my performance standard and so instead of compensating me appropriately, they steal what they cannot produce themselves.

The fact that no one is willing to capitalize or fully recognize a winner is a direct reflection on the entire countries inability to place faith in the appropriate corporate and cultural leadership teams based on faulty assumptions, jealousy, apathy and bottom line incorrect data.

In the meanwhile, pop stars and movie actors, troll the streets with no perception on the global reality of their karma behaviors, on strings to puppet masters of what they think people want, and receive non-stop cash flow and media attention for prostituting values that honestly are just "tiny flash bulbs" in a cosmic see of truth that the world stage honestly craves.

I guess I should learn to mess with people more, is that the lesson here - you know - grab my crotch, brandish tattoos, escort prostitutes, fun stuff like that? Someone please respond, because I am curious to learn how "working quietly" has any benefit whatsoever. It doesn't. And yet the louder I cry "you can WIN" because most of your investment portfolios are actually loosing tremendous benefit to market, is just proof that the motif force for the True US Economy that is being killed lies hidden in the minds of the bankers and attorney's that need to hear it spoken, but cannot find the messenger . . . because the messenger has been arrested, stalked, abused . . . wow . . . I am surprised you even have electricity in this dark age.


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Saturday, April 29, 2006

The Man with the Golden Disks

Certified USPS sealed 1998 of complete data backups of entire content related to this entire blog.

Proof of 911 & Y2K filing status of the entire operation worldwide. Also proof that I was attempting secure and civil communications with the US Government as an ordinary citizen to help PREVENT the terroristic attack.

I was to have received a Presidential or Congressional Medal of Honor or the appointment of the DNI in Washington, DC. Bank Zion, the late Hinckley and his multi-level marketing scheme urged on the USA Government to arrest me, all the while President George W. Bush hands this old man the accolades during the precise same time that the arrest was made. If this doesn't sound right to you, then why are the US courts and attorneys afraid of pursuing due process? This is not a toxic tort, this behavior and its implications are quite more profound than any of you reading this can possibly imagine.

The picture of the sealed photograph shows a data back up of my entire operations of my office at that time certified USPS sealed 1998. The address is from a "mailbox, etc" location that I had been using at the time.

At the time I was extremely active in the NOLA Markets and thus I could cost justify a small corporate office on Airline Dr. to manage my data flows. And because of my very frequent travels across the entire North America 1995-6 (10,000+ miles logged) with Xerox, N.A. it was important and relevant for me to keep my sanity in check with data journals, due to the very complex travel and logistics of getting from point A to B on the time and on the mark.
It contains a copy of all my office communications, faxes every appointment that I was involved with up to that point which includes:
* Meetings with developer Mr. Cannizarro et. al. of the LL&E tower on projects related to VAB concepts to market on 2121 Airline Dr.
* All my chats and participation thereof which also led me to the conclusion that the terroristic attacks in NYC were going to take place with aircraft, and the communications attempts to warn them, for which I was later renditioned by point of stun gun from a private home.
* Every fax in and out. Every project management time line that I had been pursuing.
* Copies of letters to local politicians, logged office visits, people who were being recruited to subcontract certain operations to market.
* Logs of telephone calls and visits to Sheriff Harry Lee on compliance communications for office licenses and etc.
* Participation and membership activities of World Trade Center association.

The implications of the data totally depends on who interprets the data versus my intentions to market, but the bottom line truth is that in follow-up to the Western Hemispherical Finance & Transportation Ministerial meetings in New Orleans 1996 (during President Clinton's Administration) I recruited myself to participate in another round-table discussion in 1998 in Washington, DC with then Secy. Reubin of the US Treasury, to attempt to deliver a WARNING apropos 911 terrorism. Unfortunately the Secret Service saw me as the "threat", and even so I had full behavioral justification to be there with regards to my work, I was escorted out by them, threatened and then released and deported on personal recognizance.

Now the whole issue would have been moot as I just intended to pursue my life in a normal way thereafter, having been satisfied that I "did my best" and that's all I can do, and continue to desire to do so, but later Criminal Investigative by the USDOD again in Gaithersburg, Maryland, although civil in nature, as I had nothing to hide about my person -or ever- in 2002, eventually wound up as a very violent stun gun arrest in the summer of 2004 from a private home, the shock pain and suffering of which, caused me to have permanent body damage, and TREMENDOUS loss of time value and defamation of character.

So who is stalking who? The truth is the US Government continues to stalk and harass and extort me for THEIR FAILURES to deliver the policy of truth and locally the community and bankers have ZERO empathy as they are already focused on their own greed to the max. There's a HUGE lesson here for some of us. And the people that say "they don't care" are probably in a polite way not willing to realize how close to death this true "Y2K bullet" actually came.

And so, you should see very clearly that I am NOT a conspiracy theorists, I did what I did because I felt it was important to do so, just like any ordinary person would do in your neighborhood if you were witness to a crime in progress and felt it important to "notify".

The worst part however is, that I am perpetually economically trapped at this location and even so I've filed a lawsuit, the Syrian Maher Arar already has his name cleared through a Supreme Court hearing for his NON-involvement on 911 on his commission {google it.} The USDOJ has prosecuted "mental slavery" cases before and with regards to my filing and understanding thereof this is criminally prosecutable and can be attached to RICO defamation statuettes.

The TRUTH is STRANGER than FICTION. Trust me friends & haters. I bet some of you think I want to be writing this here . . . don't you DARE ever compare yourself to me and what I went through.

d.b.a. "Brinson Gottshalk Productions"
(C) 2006

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